Mattress maintenance – How to extend the life of the mattress

A quality mattress greatly improves your sleep quality and protects your health. First step after you found your mattress is to extend her life. Therefore, maintaining, protecting and cleaning them on a regular basis is very important.

1. Read carefully manufacturer’s instructions before use

If you follow instructions and manufacturer’s recommendations make sure that the mattress maintenance will be done in the most appropriate way and that you will sleep comfortably for years.

2. Make sure that the bed and mattress are properly installed

Make sure the spring mattress and mattress are installed correctly. The mattress must stand on a perfectly smooth surface and otherwise the mattress will deteriorate.

3. Turn your mattress regularly

One of the basic rules for maintaining the mattress is related to the periodic flip of the mattress. To prevent wear on one side of the mattress, flipping it is recommended every 3 months so that the underside is above and at the end of the bed to get to his feet. This is true for double-sided mattress.

4. Ensure adequate ventilation of bedroom and the area around the mattress

Another rule in maintaining bedroom mattress and mattress is airing several times a week (preferably every day). When you vent the mattress you must remove the sheets from the bed. The moisture will not remain in the mattress and will prevent unpleasant odors and even mildew.

5. Vacuum often

Besides the recommended daily ventilation it’s also good to aspire sheets and mattress. If there are people allergic to dust, the mattress should be vacuumed more often. A clean bed will always be more convenient than the one loaded with dust.

6. Cleaning mattress

If your mattress got dirty or stained, it is very important to clean it as soon as possible in order to remove dirt more easily.

If you want to clean the entire surface of the mattress can use a special detergent (shampoo) for upholstery or carpets. If you do not have such a special detergent, using a mixture of neutral liquid detergent and water. Be careful though, not too wet mattress surface because in this case the moisture can enter the mattress and will be quite difficult to dry, which can lead to mold growth in the area. It is also recommended to make sure the mattress is dry before putting bed linen, otherwise it may get an unpleasant smell from moisture. If you can, remove the mattress to dry in the sun or use a hair dryer to dry it.

If you want to remove a stain on the mattress you can use the same shampoo for upholstery or neutral detergent mixed with water, and if the stain does not clean you can try the following solutions:

– Undiluted vinegar applied directly on the stain and let it act for 5 minutes, then wipe the surface with a cloth or sponge dipped in warm water. Make sure you dry very well the mattress surface.

– A solution made of equal parts of baking soda, lemon juice and water. Spray the solution using a spray bottle and leave directly ingredients to work for a few hours or until stains disappear completely. Then clean the mattress surface with a clean cloth. Dry the mattress thoroughly. If after drying mat remains sodium bicarbonate powder on the surface of the mattress simply delete it or vacuum it.

If removable mattress, mattress maintenance and cleaning them if the surface is dirty or stained will make it much easier. Husa will be washed in the washing machine, following the instructions carefully washing and drying of the cover and remove stains will be like any other fabric.

7. Do not bend your mattress

Another rule of thumb in that the mattress must not bend when you want to carry it or clean it as this can cause serious damage. Also, do not carry it by holding the handles, which are made just to fit the mattress on the bed or mattress, not support all the weight. Furthermore, avoid a heavy object to sit on the mattress for a long time.

9. The mattress is not a trampoline

Do not allow children to jump on the mattress. Although most of the mattresses are made of durable materials, they can be damaged if children jump and play.

We hope we have been helpful to those rules related to maintenance and cleaning her mattress. If you like the article and you found it useful please share.