Floral king bedding

The universal language of flowers crosses any cultural boundaries, interpretations or meanings. Do you want to flowers in your bed, well crafted, stylish beautiful beddings? This is what Flowers evoke in all humans – a feeling of beauty, grace, and a delicate, alive sensuality. With this…

Floral King bedding design
Beside alive flowers, who bring a strong healing energy; the floral bedding are sure the best choice for your home and your king bed, as images of flowers or high quality silk flowers are often used in feng shui.
Violets Floral king bedding
Floral king bedding
Floral king bedding-cotton
Beautiful reversible flowers print on one side and Solid white on the other. Great choice for bed covers!

With a nice bold green this amazing bedding set has a floral pattern that will complete your bedroom.

Green floral pattern comforter

Floral Sheet set with great shaped pattern for all seasons luxury linens.

Floral Sheet set

Yellow King bedding with refreshing floral shapes.

Yellow King bedding